about us

Welcome to SANDSATION!


Sandsation is Sandstorm Events popular interactive children’s sand craft activity that for the past 7 years has been primarily entertaining 10’s of thousands of children and the young at heart at our annual Sand Sculpting Australia Exhibitions held around Australia allowing them to develop their creativity and motor skills, as well as keeping them entertained with sandy fun while viewing the sand sculptures.

So popular has this activity become with our sand fans we have now launched it as it’s own entity and are excited to share with you our new sand art designs and take home packaging – to assist in making this a fun but “mess free” activity.


Our 45 Sandsation sand art designs are truly unique and special as we engage artists to design and create each image in order to deliver to you the most original, outstanding, detailed and high-quality designs that are second to none – each sized 29 cm x 29 cm.

Please take the time to view our gallery – we have kept many of our popular designs including Animals of the Wild, Underwater Fantasy, Fairy tales and Transportation but have also introduced 15 new designs including Pets, Pirates and Princesses and Australian animals.

We are also offering two options when purchasing your sand art.

Customised packs – You have the option to select which designs you would like in your perfect pack and what size you would like your pack to be.


Pre Selected Packs – For those who cannot chose we have taken all the work out of it and created what we believe are the best combinations for packs of 5, 10 & 20.

Please note that in all packs with 5 or more pieces of sand art – either custom or pre selected – you will receive 1 non spill tray, 1 plastic tool, your sand pens and clear sealable bags to store your finished design.

If you feel that you will require any additional items these can also be purchased individually.

Our New Look Packaging

After listening to our fans over the past 7 years and hearing them say what a fantastic activity this would be to take home but that it was too messy – we have developed a non spill tray and sand pens.

  • Non-Spill Tray

Our non- spill tray measures 31cm x 31cm and allows the design to sit neatly inside it. As children remove the stickers and add the coloured sand – the excess sand will be captured within the tray.

On the bottom right hand corner of the tray – there is a small lip – that will allow the sand to slide easily out of the tray and into a small container – where when captured will create the “mixed” or “rainbow coloured” sand that all children love.

These trays are made of black plastic and are reusable.

  • Plastic Tool 

Our white plastic tool replaces the toothpick.

Each end of the tool has been designed to assist little fingers in removing the pre adhesive sticker section that they wish to cover in sand.

The days of the toothpick breaking – or the end becoming dull are now over.

The tool is reusable.

  • Sand Pens

Our new Sand pens – come in packs of 10 colours and in two sizes – large and small. Children can easily control the amount of sand they use and the direction of the sand as they “puff” it out of the pen onto their design.

We will also offer at different time of the year special limited edition sets of sand pens including glitter pens and pastel sand pens – so make sure you register to our website to stay informed.

New Gift Box

All packs of 5 plus pieces of sand art will come presented in our new gift box.

The box is made of thick cardboard, is brightly designed and suitable for both boys and girls. One box can hold up to twenty designs, non spill tray(s), sand pens, plastic tool(s), protective sleeves and how to instructions.

With our Sand Art there is no limit to your creativity, with every design looking different for every individual. It allows an opportunity for each sand artist to delve into his or her creative core – the activity is so simple that regardless of age or capability you feel a sense of completion and pride upon finishing each design.

Sand Art is such a very versatile product and is NOW perfect for a home activity, Children’s birthday parties, Shopping Centre activations, class -room activity, festivals, gifts and much more.

We hope you have hours of Sandsational fun!!!